Elysium Health Introduces New Supplement

Elysium Health is a company that has come up with one of the most revolutionary ideas in the field of medicine. The company has come out with a pill that is set to change the way we look at growing old. People all over the world are always looking for solutions to combat this problem. Right from creams, to diets, people have tried everything, but few of those have even remotely had any effect on the process of the body breaking down over time that one experiences. With the pill that Elysium Health is now coming out with, millions of people all over the world will finally have something to help them combat the problems that stand in the way of long-term health.

Elysium Health has been researching this for an incredibly extended period. Ever since the company was first formed, they have time and again tried to come out with something that is conclusive enough to reduce the signs of becoming weather by life. Now, for the first time, the company has managed to make a breakthrough in the field and has come out with something that could change the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The company has over twenty-five years of research in the field of long-term wellness to back up its claims on the pill and has been a long mission for the company and its founder, Leonard Guarente. The pill that the company will be releasing will be in the form of a health supplement and has numerous health benefits that come along with it.

Elysium Health is a company that has shined in the health supplements market owing to the incredible number of products that they have put out. All of the products that the company puts out are released only after extensive amounts of research is conducted on them and if they meet the high standards that this company has for its products. The company is releasing products that support various kinds of health functions, but nothing quite like what the new pill is set to do.Their first pill is Elysium Health’s entry and is set to take on the industry with full force.

Leonard Guarente is the founder of Elysium Health and the person driving the company to a more than satisfactory position in the industry. Guarente is also a professor at MIT and has worked there for several years. Medical research is his forte, and he plans to show just how revolutionary his idea is.

The pill is already available through the website and a few major stores across the county and is currently waiting for FDA approval, which is set to happen very soon.https://futurism.com/can-a-new-supplement-change-how-we-age/


Jose Auriemo Neto: Proof that Family Businesses can Thrive Well Into the Second Generation

It is often said that most family businesses fail by the second generation. Consequently, whenever they make it far it is due to competent leadership in both generations and a smooth transition. Founded as a family business in 1972 by Fabio Auriemo, Brazilian real estate company, JHSF is one of the few that have survived into the second generation. Not only has it survived, it has thrived. Under the capable leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto, JHSF has grown its value to R$1.2 billion, thus becoming one of the largest companies in the industry. He has also tremendously diversified the company’s operations, thus making it among the most stable a country prone to economic shocks.

Jose Auriemo Neto was brought into the company in 1993. While still a fresh graduate from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University, and lacking in any significant experience, he was quickly thrust into the thick of things. Less than five years after joining the company, he was already taking charge of projects valued at millions of dollars. His earliest involvement of significance came in 1997 when he supervised the launch of JHSF’s parking service, Parkbem into the market. Not so long after, he took on an even bigger responsibility by supervising the development of the company’s first mall, Shopping Santa Cruz.

That said, Jose Auriemo Neto’s greatest contributions to JHSF have come after he was named CEO in 2003. The company is increasingly looking outward as it has gotten into retail agreements with a number of international luxury brands. This has also been accompanied by increased real estate developments in foreign lands, with the company now owning and managing properties in both the U.S. and Uruguay. Further, he in 2015 got JHSF involved in an ambitious project to build an airport in Sao Paulo. Such a momentous project speaks a lot of how far JHSF has come under Jose Auriemo Neto.

Learn more about him: http://clubenegociosonline.com.br/jose-auriemo-neto-sucesso-no-mercado-de-luxo-das-incorporacoes-imobiliarias/

How George Soros is Standing up to Conservative America

The United States political scene could not be more in a quagmire than if you had designed it to function that way originally. the 2016 Presidential election turned what had ostensibly been a united nation into a country embroiled in a not so civil war with one another. The election of Donald Trump served as the crowning moment of the disastrous year that 2016 was and it served to show that American politics is in very real danger. Does this mean that all hope is lost? Not quite, not when people like George Soros are still willing to stand up to Donald Trump and put his platform on blast and read full article.

George Soros is a Hungarian born New Yorker that grew up in his home country until 1944. What happened in 1944? Well, the Nazi’s rolled into town in order to occupy the entire country. Over the following year a half of a million Hungarian Jews would end up dead as well as carted off to camps around Europe. Soros got to see firsthand just how awful and horrifying a nationalist agenda could be in the hands of a madman and a monster. Soros and his family were lucky to survive due to their ability to flee the country after forging their travel documents. Before they left they made sure to save as many people as possible and what George Soros knows.

Throughout George Soros’ entire adult life he has focused on becoming someone who could make a difference in the world for the better of humanity. Soros would get his education at the London School of Economics and while he was there he would study the works of Karl Popper who embraced the Open Society concept while also revealing the truths and threat that capitalism and nationalism could bring. Soros would bring these ideas with him when he emigrated to America in order to start what would become the most successful hedge fund in the history of the nation and follow him at Twitter.com.

We tell you all of these things about Soros’ past in order to inform you as to why he is considered one of the greatest threats to conservative America. George Soros is a self made billionaire who has never backed down from standing up for what is right. He’s a staunch progressive who has vowed to fight back against Donald Trump’s disastrous reality TV show regime. Soros is a gifted philanthropist and through his Open Society Foundations he has already donated more than $12 billion to places around the world. Soros also stood alongside Hillary Clinton during the 2016 elections and that has garnered him no goodwill from right wing America. Soros has promised to be a thorn in the side of Donald Trump until 2020 at the earliest and we think he’ll do a great job and more infomation click here.

Other Reference: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-did-george-soros-become-the-favorite-boogeyman-of-the-right-2017-5

George Soros Is Connecting The Globe

The Cause Of Globalism

If there’s anything that George Soros appears to care about more than anything else, it would have to be globalism. He has made connecting the world the most important cause in his life and he has done just about everything he can to fight for it. Beyond providing donations, he’s actually helped bring countries like his native Hungary into the modern world with free market capitalism and democracy. Even today, he continues to serve as a major force and learn more about George Soros.

His Efforts Shown Off

George Soros has apparently made a name for himself as one of the most prominent examples of an advocate of globalization. Much of his effort has focused on trying to support local movements located in the developing world. There, he serves a s a major financial contributor to these causes and he attempts to do everything he can to help them get off their feet. He’s also made important contributions to globalization in America and Europe. Last year, he donated $500 million to the EU in order to help migrants assimilate into the countries they joined. His efforts have made him a target of controversy but he continues to push forward and what George Soros knows.

The Challenges Ahead

Current conditions do not look particularly favorable to Soros and his agenda. The election of Trump and the dominance of politics by the far right have certainly proven to be significant setbacks for him, but he understands how to prevail and will do everything he needs to do in order to continue to make progress. Right now, he is focused on helping the left solidify its efforts and helping protect the progress the left has already made under Obama from the efforts of Trump and Follow his Twitter.

Why He Can’t Lose

It simply isn’t acceptable to allow the current trends to continue. He understands better than anyone that the efforts of Trump and the alt right will have devastating consequences for people across the world. It can lead to a less free world and a reduction in free trade among other things. To prevent this from happening, it’s imperative that a way for Democrats to obtain power be found again. While he has many ideas, Soros is currently trying to consolidate efforts before deciding on what to do. This isn’t the first time he’s had to face insurmountable odds, but it’s certainly one of his most striking and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

About George Soros

George Soros is a hedge fund manager who has made a name for himself by making some of the most accurate market predictions around. Beyond his predictions, he has also become an important voice in political debates by making himself a prominent donor to left wing causes and  more information click here.

More Visit: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-did-george-soros-become-the-favorite-boogeyman-of-the-right-2017-5

Neuroscore Brain Performance Center: Finding Solutions for Anxiety and Depression

The International Society for Neurofeedback and Research has published the results of a research conducted on the effects of heart rate variability (HVR) and neurofeedback on anxiety and depression. The study found that there is a robust effect of the factors on the improvement of the symptoms of depression and anxiety. As per the study, the treatments can offer an effective and non-pharmaceutical way of reducing anxiety and depression symptoms for both children and adults.

The paper was published by a qualified group of medical and psychological scientists from Neuroscore and was led by Dr. Elyse K. White. It was dubbed “Combined Neurofeedback and Heart Rate Variability Training for Persons with Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety; A Retrospective Study”. According to the findings of the research, most people with the symptoms of pre-treatment anxiety and depression exhibited clinical improvements.

Neurofeedback is an artificial training of the brain providing it with information about its own activity which is detected by EEG and then fed back to the brain by auditory and visual cues. According to the paper, neurofeedback therapy provides clinicians with the resounding ability for modification and optimization of atypical brain wave activity for people with psychiatric conditions. Therefore, neurofeedback can become an effective way of treatment in this field.

The research was conducted on 334 participants who clients of Neuroscore Brain Performance Centers. This study involved a 30-session treatment program which started on 15th October 2015 until 15th July 2016. The study was also based upon industry-standard psychological rating scale. 183 patients were characterized as likely to experience anxiety and or depression symptoms.

After thirty sessions, and with neurofeedback and HRV treatment, it was observed that 82.8% and 81.8%of the people with anxiety symptoms and depression symptoms respectively exhibited meaningful clinical improvements. These findings attest to Neuroscore’s neurofeedback and heart rate viability training as a feasible way of treating people with anxiety and depression.

About Neuroscore
Neuroscore Brain Performance Centers is an applied neuroscience center offering a range of services. They offer specialized data-driven brain assessments and training programs for both children and adults. The assessments are aimed at improving concentration, sleep, and management of stress.

The Center was founded in 2004. Since its founding, Neuroscore has expanded widely, with a national presence of nine Centers, especially in Michigan and Florida.

Logan Stout is Saving Lives Through IDLife

A few years ago, Logan Stout began the company IDLife. He started this company due to the fact that so many Americans wanted to lose weight but be healthy at the same time. However, Logan Stout observed people being lied to over and over again. This happened by people purchasing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in weight loss products that either did not work or made the situation worse.

Logan Stout hired the best weight loss professionals to come up with products that truly worked. Logan Stout also made a promise to use all natural sources in every product produced by his company. IDLife began with just a few products. These products were purchased by thousands and thousands of people around the world, and Logan Stout soon had a catalog of products for customers to choose from. Today, IDLife is the leading company is weight loss supplements.

Logan Stout has become a leading entrepreneur due to his success with IDLife. Logan Stout also wrote several books. A few of these books are on natural weight loss and properly taking care of the human body. The other books are on the subject of business and how people can start their own business from scratch. In every business book, Logan Stout tells his story about how he was not financially fortunate during his young years. He also tells how many people told him he would never be successful. Logan Stout explains how he used all the negativity in his life as energy to pursue his dreams and believe in himself.

Logan Stout has been invited to be an inspirational speaker at thousands of high schools and colleges around the United States. He takes joy in helping young people go after their dreams and goals, even if no one else believes in them.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLoganStout

Ending Dirty Money In Politics

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee (PAC) and was started with essentially one goal, and that is to keep an eye on another organization called Citizens United. This is because of the unchecked power and brazenness with which Citizens United has been behaving in recent years. Citizens United was basically set up by a few wealthy individuals and corporations, to influence elections for their benefit. The design philosophy of End Citizens United is to take the fight to Citizens United, starting from the grassroots level. It is largely funded by common people, making small donations, who believe that elections should not be stolen by a few wealthy individuals.

The specific goals of End Citizens United are clearly stated. They are as follows:
• Putting pro-reform candidates into office
• Making unaccounted money in politics a national issue
• Dealing with ballot measures that encourage election reform laws
• Accomplishing all the above by showing the power of grassroots involvement

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End Citizens United is actively supporting candidates who are truly interested in any sort of meaningful reform in elections. However, it is open to supporting anyone who agrees with campaign reform policy, regardless of political affiliation. This includes both, Democrats and Republicans. Even though there are a few Republicans who are interested in campaign finance reform, at this time the Republican party itself is stopping any reforms from happening. Therefore, End Citizens United usually finds itself helping a Democratic candidate, who has to go up against wealthy donors who are financing their rivals.

Plans for 2016
End Citizens United was heavily involved in the 2016 elections by putting in their two cents in electing candidates running for both houses. It has raised millions of dollars to achieve this aim. In fact, the PAC is on track to raise close to $30 million to finance these candidates. The ultimate aim here is to reverse the amendment the US supreme court passed regarding campaign finance reforms. After the amendment was passed the elections were swamped with money from questionable sources, such as Koch Enterprise, whose wholesale aim is to elect officials who will abide by their ways to run the country.

In total, End Citizens United will support 11 candidates. This is in tune with the PAC’s ideology in trying to do something on the governmental level, as opposed to just activism through speeches and publications. However, the battle that End Citizens United has taken up is not without its skeptics. According to John Wonderlich, Policy Director of Sunlight Foundation, tackling something like constitutional amendment is a high bar. Rick Hasen, professor of Law at UC Irvine agrees with him. Rick believes there is a better chance for success if a sympathetic Supreme Court Justice is found, as opposed to getting a few politicians on their side.

Learn more about End Citizens United: http://action.dscc.org/page/s/citizens-united

Neurocore Reveals the Truth About Depression

Many people tend to mistake depression with merely being sad. One of the factors that contribute to this mistake is that many people have used the word depressed in order to describe sadness. While sadness is often experienced in a depressive episode, the truth is that there is more to depression than just sadness. People suffering from depression may isolate themselves, lose pleasure in activities they once enjoyed, may experience low energy levels and a low sense of self worth. At the same time, there are many cases of depression where people do not experience sadness. Instead, they experience emptiness and a lack of feeling.

Fortunately, companies like Neurocore are revealing plenty of truths about depression. Currently, there is a movement that is stating that depression is a condition that needs medication. This is another misconception that is based on the idea that depression is necessarily a disorder that just strikes out of nowhere. While it is common for people to have a depressive episode when everything seems to be going good, the truth is that people who have had traumatic experiences can also develop depression as a result of the trauma. Another issue that can occur is if someone has spent a prolonged amount of time in unfavorable circumstances. One ongoing stressful circumstance or a series of stressful incidents can cause clinical depression in individuals.

Cases of depression are diverse. Therefore, it must be seen as diverse. Some of the cases can be treated without medicine while others require medicine. One of the worst things to do with an individual is try and negate or invalidate his depression because it will make him sink deeper into this disorder in some cases. The experts of Neurocore are very effective in their treatments of depression because they come up with a treatment that is customized to the individual.

Cassio Audi: From the University of So Paulo to Millionaire Opportunities

The University of São Paulo, in Brazil, also commonly regarded by the people who live there as “USP,” is one of the best Universities in the country and it forms some of the best professionals and businesspeople in all of the Brazilian territory. For quite some time, it was considered even the best University in Latin America due to its successful record of students who achieved great deeds after their graduation from the many schools that USP provides.

This is no exception to the story of the Chief Financial Officer of the Brazilian company Peninsula Participações, Cassio Audi. Since Cassio left the University, his role in the market has been tremendously valuable for many communities in the country, including some in other nations in Latin America as well.

Having received his bachelor’s degree from the Pontifice Universidade Catolica of São Paulo, or PUC for short, Cassio Audi completed the course in 1994 and only went to USP to receive his MBA, in the year of 2000.

This company is focused on the investments of a family named Abilio Diniz, and the CFO Cassio Audi became, very soon in his career with the group, one of the most important assets of this investment corporation. As the Chief Financial Officer, Audi skyrocketed the monetary condition of the group to new grounds, and Peninsula Participações achieved new margins with just one year working together with the new CFO.

The company’s been on the market since 2006, doing strategic business agreements and investments, doing private equity and property purchases, as well as investments in some of the largest companies in Brazil, like Carrefour, a physical marketplace, and store that is one of the most present ones in the entire territory. Cassio Audi entered the group in 2016, and he’s already become a valuable asset.