Redefining the Use of Cards–McBilly Farland has Done So by Way of His Bold Magnises Social Networking and Pay Card

Billy McFarland, CEO and founder of the Black Magnises Card has redefined the concept of carrying a card—and he is doing so in the most innovative way possible. McFarland has basically master-minded a card concept which is terrific for the current era. His niche? Why the Millennials, of course.

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland knew that most of his generation went about carrying a debit or bank card. The preceding way to pay is convenient. He was thinking about a card which would make it possible for his niche group to socially connect, and at the same time, pay for discounted purchases. He found the answer by devising his fashionable, stylish Magnises black card.

This card, when carried, makes a “bold” statement. It tells the world that the user is an inside thinker. What is an inside thinker? This is a person who wishes to connect with all of the most stylized places his city offers.

The user of the Magnises card is able to take advantage of hundreds of the city’s trendiest venues as far as dining, special entertainment, night clubs, and social arenas, which he simply would find cost-prohibitive without his Black Magnises card.

McFarland has been termed a technical wizard by some of the best names in the business. At just twenty-three years of age: Billy established a product with services that go unrivaled. In example, the card offers the amenity of ClubPass. This Magnises amenity makes it possible for the Millennial to gain access to two of New York City’s most popular clubs—and with no waiting in line.

The user simply just shows his card to the appropriate person: and he is in the door. The ClubPass amenity comes with a small monthly fee: however, the member does not mind paying it—since there is never any hassle in gaining admittance to the nightclubs he prefers the most. Some members have claimed they have put the amenity to the test—and it proved quite convenient.

Further, the Magnises Company looks out for its members by providing them with customized dining packages at some of the trendiest as well as mysterious and intriguing of New York eateries.

There are other cool packages offered too: such as discounted arrangements at unique stylized, theme-based shows and places where members can easily interact with other young professionals.

Imagine spending time on a yacht: the Magnises member has done it. Ever dreamed of enjoying a cocktail hour inside of the penthouse of one of the city’s premier hotels?— it is possible for the Magnises member.

Enjoy vacations where the sky is blue and the sand is white—and offered at high levels of discounting?—the Magnises member can do it.

So what is the price for this type of varied entertainment, recreation and inside-the-city experience? The black Magnises card has a favorable annual fee of only $250.00. Its gleaming black exterior gets noticed: and so does its member.

Billy McFarland has redefined how cards, within the industry are being used. He has created a stylish black metal card and provided discounting to all of the establishments his generation finds cool and the most entertaining.

The Traveling Vineyard Brings Wine Education To Its Guides

Over the course of the 21st century, the development of the global wine industry has seen a range of different varieties and vintages developed that fit into the budget of almost any lover of wine around the world.

Companies have also looked to develop a greater understanding of the wine industry for their employees who are hoping to develop a career in the industry as either a second income source or a full time career; The Traveling Vineyard has recently developed a reputation for providing the best in education and training to help people in the U.S. understand the wines they are drinking.

Business opportunities are offered by The Traveling Vineyard for those who want to develop their own love of wine into an opportunity to create a successful career in the wine industry. This company is looking to develop the interests many people have in wine by creating a direct sales opportunity backed by a higher level of learning that ensures each guide can provide all the necessary information needed when they host a tasting party in their local area; educational opportunities include regional and national conferences where courses can be attended to expand on any level of knowledge already obtained. Online classes and courses are also available to make sure Traveling Vineyard wine guides have the chance to brush up on their skills as wine experts at any time.

One of the benefits seen by those who choose to become wine guides with The Traveling Vineyard is the fact there are no minimum sales required each month to retain membership to the company; instead, individuals can choose to work as much or as little as they choose to earn a little extra money or develop a career that can be a major success for years to come.


Urban And Rural Land Development In Brazil

Brazil has two primary kinds of land development schemes. One of these is rural land development on It involves land development in the countryside and in Brazil’s rain forests and jungles. This kind of land development is often closely tied to mining, ranching, farming and manufacturing. In rare cases, dams and canals will be built in such a setting too.

In Brazilian rural development companies purchase large swatches of land and develop them to be used as farmland, grazing land, or to be mined for natural resources on Manufacturers may also decide to develop rural real estate to be closer to the natural resources that they need to manufacture their goods. Most natural resources come from rural areas such as the forests of Brazil in the case of timber. The petrol industry on in Brazil is a major player in rural development in Brazil now. They have constructed roadways, pipelines and towns in Brazil’s jungles and rain forests.

The urban real estate scene involves developments in Brazil’s major population centers. This is where the bulk of Brazil’s land development takes place. Urban real estate like Construcap involves the building of homes in cities and now increasingly in suburbs around Brazilian cities. Due to the nature of urban real estate development, most of the construction projects are completed by major real estate development firms. This is due to the fact that there are many regulations that must be complied with. Often the only firms that can meet all of these requirements are the larger real estate development firms.

Construcap is one of these major urban real estate development firms in Brazil. It employs thousands of people and has operations throughout Brazil. The firm is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and even does work outside of Brazil. Construcap serves both government and private business with its construction, engineering and property management services.

One of Construcap’s most recently completed projects is a soccer stadium called the Mineirão Arena in the city of Belo Horizonte at This newly built stadium has a seating capacity of 61,846 spectators and had received a platinum LEED certification for its environmental impact. It is only the second such stadium in the world to receive this distinction.