Lovaganza Is Coming, Where Will You Be?

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Lovaganza will be traveling around the world in a sort of caravan come 2017. It will be a convoy of hope, a traveling showcase of bohemian adventure, and downright mind-boggling. One of the prime attractions of Lovaganza is their new IMMERSCOPE 3D technology. For those who aren’t in the know, IMMERSCOPE 3D is a 180-degree theatrical screen which gives film depth and clarity of a three-dimensional variety without requiring any kind of glasses. Lovaganza is an event that will unveil this revolutionary new innovation in entertainment technology; but it’s already been delayed five years. That’s a good thing, though, when one understands why this delay has taken place.

The roots of Lovaganza stretch back at least to 2012, and very likely before. The website, Lovaganza.com, has a copyright watermark that begins in 2012; but this implies there was definitely planning going on beforehand. Websites don’t just evoke themselves from nothing! And neither did Lovaganza.

Lovaganza comes from a vision of unity and the celebration of Earth’s many disparate cultures. Originally, the global event was to take place in 2015, but between the idea which has flowered into Lovaganza and that time, new technology was discovered which changed everything. Planners of the event on Instagram wisely decided to curtail unveiling until said technology could be completely incorporated. The new date for the project is 2020, with the aforementioned preview convoy launching within the year. Between now and then three feature films will be released which each emphasize the core mission of Lovaganza. They will feature themes of a convoy, bohemian adventure, and cultural celebration.

When the event finally hits in 2020, it may change the world. It’s set to take place over the course of four months. It will take place in eight separate locations simultaneously. Places where Lovaganza will be hosted include Africa, Oceania, America, Asia, The Middle East, and Europe. Each location will feature more than just IMMERSCOPE 3D. Certainly, the CINERAMA feel of IMMERSCOPE will be in full evidence, and the films shot expressly for that purpose will naturally be played across the 180-degree screen. But in addition to that, there will be live events, exhibitions of new technology, interactive events, and much more. Think of the 20th century world fair, and CINERAMA combined–but with 21st century sensibilities. That’s a pretty fair image of Lovaganza, though it doesn’t incorporate the coming event’s full scope: never in recorded history has there been such a proposed undertaking. If successful, it may change entertainment as we know it.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://celebmafia.com/marie-ange-casta-the-lovaganza-convoy-part-2-the-prophecy-set-photos-198928/

Securus Helps to Simplify their ConnectUS Service with Automated Forms and Applications

With most of the world’s information today being available online, it is not surprising that we are now able to complete forms and applications online rather than in paper form. This leads to much faster processing times, prevention of forms being lost or damaged in the mail, and also reduces errors in trying to read handwriting. Therefore, using online forms and applications for inmate requests in prisons is such a good idea. It will speed up the time that inmates need to wait in order to get their requests approved.
In a recent article on PR Newswire, the online forms that Securus for their ConnectUS system such as automated forms and grievance applications save customers both time and money. This is because correctional facilities usually use paper forms for various types inmate requests such as a grievance, medical need, or even a sign up form. Correctional facilities waste more time and money using paper forms and applications than they would if online and automated forms were made more readily available to them. The money that is saved can be used to improve conditions for inmate and fund programs such as education. The forms take just a few minutes to fill out. Correctional facilities can forget all of the filing and copying of traditional paper forms. In addition, it provides more opportunities for inmates that they may not have had before. Read the full article here: Securus’ ConnectUs Automated Inmate Forms and Grievance Application Saves Customers Time and Money

According to Wikipedia, Securus is a for profit prison technology company that is based in Texas. They are contracted with 2,300 correctional facilities across the United States. The have offices in Carollton, Texas, Allen, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. It provides telephone services for inmates.

The Right For Human Rights

When we think of human rights in America, we oftentimes take them for granted. Very seldom do we actually consider the malpractices taking place abroad. In America, when we feel wronged or subjected to an injustice, our judicial branch intervenes. Unfortunately, this is not the case in other areas of the world. Upon traveling, you will soon find countries that don’t ensure constitutional inalienable rights to their citizens. You will see protests take place, where they would’ve been honored, had they taken place in America. Unfortunately, countries like Russia don’t give you the freedom to badmouth their president.
Fortunately, there are people such as Thor Halvorssen who put their life on the line, fighting for human rights. It is in his blood. The fight for human rights began before he was even conceived. One of his grandfathers went against Nazi Germany in their heyday. He descended from the first president of Venezuelan, who helped liberate Latin America from Spain. The Atlantic mentions that Thor had quite some impressive footsteps to follow, but the shoes of leadership fit perfectly. Since coming of age, Thor has been fighting for people around the globe, thus jeopardizing his own life.
Upon traveling to Vietnam to interview the patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam , Thor was brutalized by the authorities. Despite having a staff of twelve, his human rights foundation has brought about change to the areas that need it the most. They’ve gone to places very few activists would dare to go. For this, Thor’s activism should be applauded and remembered for generations to come. All it takes is a leader to bring reform.

More information for Thor Halvorssen:

Man of Many Careers: Brian Bonar

Who is Brian Bonar? Brian Bonar is a well known financial expert and investor, whose technical background and knowledge of business structure has led him into a very successful career.

Few people possess the kind of drive to be a the top of their field that Brian Bonar does. Bonar’s ambition has led him into multiple job positions that make him even more prepared for the next opportunity. His extensive and diverse catalogue of business leadership expertise makes him a great fit for almost any company.

Looking for a company that would be a good starting point to gain experience and begin building his portfolio, Brian Bonar took a job at IBM as Procurement Manager. After Nearly 20 years spent honing his skill, in 1985 Bonar left IBM for QMS.

There he served as, Director of Engineering, before becoming VP of Marketing and Sales at Rastek Corporation in 1989. Four Years later He became Sales Manager at Adaptek.  Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://xrepublic.net/2015/09/03/brian-bonar-trains-his-employees-in-exceptional-customer-service/

Even though Bonar’s stint at Adaptek was short lived, the work on SCSI technology he was involved with gave birth to Bezier Systems. A company Bonar founded, which he was CEO of, where he developed one of the very SCSI based printers.

Bonar’s ceaseless work in sales and marketing led him to Dalrada Financial Services. His incessant ambition was on full display during his rise through the ranks there. In just two years he was promoted from Director of Technology Sales to VP of Sales and Marketing, before again being promoted to Executive VP.

A short time later he earned another promotion that would position him as CEO, which he currently serves as. Never one to be complacent, Bonar founded outsourcing firm AMS in 2006, and currently holds the position of CEO at Trucept, which he also founded.

According to MG2, Brian Bonar is a man of many careers. A true workaholic at his core, always looking for the next big thing to be apart of. His ambition has driven him to become one of the most renowned businessmen and entrepreneurs in the world. Cambridge Publishing even recognized him with the Executive of the year award for finance in 2010/2011. Professional Networking Community’s highest honor.