Beneful Premium Dog Food With High Quality Ingredients

It is the most amazing feeling in the world when you are a pet owner who takes care of your pet well, and you see that your pet enjoys the food that you are buying. My wife and I do not have kids, so our dog is like a child to us. When our dog was upset with the food we were buying, it made us feel like terrible pet owners. We did everything in our power to find a better dog food for him.
What Premium Dog Food Does For Our Dog

There is a reason that they call it premium dog food. It is made in the way that dog food should be made. The premium brands are putting up all the stops in order to make the best blend of real ingredients that dogs love to eat. There is an article from the Daily Herald that you might like to read if you care about this issue. The article does a really good job of showing why premium dog food companies that sell products on Amazon are better to buy from than other companies.

If you were a dog, would you want to eat the cheap food. The cheap dry food that I have seen looks like it is made of sawdust, so I’m sure that it does not taste good. However, premium brands make foods that look tasty, and they smell great as well. Beneful makes dry ( and wet food that smells like it could be served up to people. It is called Chopped Blends, and they have a bunch of flavors of this savory wet food to choose from.

With Beneful premium dog food, your dog will never get tired of tasting new and exotic blends of high quality ingredients. I trust Beneful to put together real meats and real vegetables that dogs love to eat. They make some of the finest dog foods on the market. I am proud to bring home products to my dog because my dog deserves it. If you would like to read the article from the Daily Herald, then go to this link. Or visit the Beneful Channel

Thor Halvorssen Sets the Record Straight

Thor Halvorssen was interviewed by Fox News to discuss what his opinion was on Bernie Sanders’ stance on the desire for a Socialist country. Surprisingly enough the interviewer was taken back a bit by some of the moves and facts he presented to her which made for an interesting short but impact-filled interview. First, the interviewer asked Halvorssen to explain what the definition was of socialism. She asked this rather obvious question because in her opinion, those that were for Sanders know not what socialism actually is. To which Halvorssen retorted that it is a matter of perspective that one takes when looking forming as opinion on socialism and its effects on a country.
Halvorssen went further to say that there are many countries such as Sweden and Denmark to name just a few, that can have a democracy and still institute socialist policies. But, the difference is, you have to understand how it will work for the benefit of the people at large.
He then used Venezuela as an example under the rein of Chavez. It turns out that his father was a political prisoner under Chavez and his mother, shot by the regime of this dictator. His brother is now, still in prison in fact. Once you or any family is on a blacklist to these governments the torture does not stop until the dictator is out of power–and even then, no guarantee.
Thor Halvorssen then continued with another bold statement for which he seemed proud. He admitted that he contributed to Sanders’ campaign generously with–he stated “The largest sum allowable by law”. The interviewer was taken back and exclaimed with emotion “Why?!”Without hesitation he made it clear in so many words that he would much rather have someone with a higher degree of transparency than the front runner for the democrats–not mentioning Hillary’s name.
His concern stems from the millions of dollars taken by her from countries that do not mirror American values. These countries “execute people for being gay” and other atrocities against the freedoms we enjoy her which was the major sentiment used by Halvorssen. Follow Halvorssen on Twitter to keep up with news and other updates.

The Athleisure Wear Trend

In today’s extremely busy world, most of us are tied to a computer screen in some dimly lit office or cubicle. We are desperately trying to figure out new ways to shake off that cubicle smell once we get home and feel good about ourselves in the little available free time we have left.

One new trend known as “Athleisure” allows us to combine two exciting new ways to express ourselves away from work. Athleisure wear in Fabletics allows us to combine wearing trendy fitness outfits not just to the gym but also to work, social occasions, run errands, picking up the kids and pretty much everything in between.

People want to look cool and fashionable on Instagram but are not always motivated to dress up in fancy attire. The days where casual-Friday was just on Friday are on the way out. Think of the many companies in Silicon Valley that allow their employees to express themselves however they want.

I would argue that people who don’t ascribe to the traditional way of thinking give rise to these new trends. Steve Jobs, The King of Invention and Inspiration was notorious for his turtleneck, washed-up jeans and white sneaker outfits, even during his most official meetings.

Everybody remembers how Google and many companies like Fabletics on facebook like them have their employees feel like they do at home. Inspiration comes to us when we are at our best. Athleisure wear allows us to do just that, be at our best and feel and look amazing. It would consider that a win-win.

We all have a personal style that works for us and many people are completely comfortable in a three-piece-suit with the dress-shoes to match but if given the choice on they would happily exchange those outfits for the baggy, yet trendy sweatpants and some sneaks. A recent article on focused on the importance on having a personal style that allows us to combine Athleisure wear without feeling guilty about it.

One place where you can shop for Athleisure wear is Fabletics. They combine the comfort and trendiness and wrap it in something that you would feel proud of showing off. I am a huge proponent of the Athleisure wear on Fabletics trend and can’t wait for the day where it becomes mandatory for us to feel great while looking good.

Information about Igor Cornelsen and Brazilian Investment

Igor Cornelsen is one of the most brilliant investment specialist and a Brazilian banker, and he has a lot of knowledge when it comes to investment. Being a Brazilian stock market entrepreneur, He explains as regards to how the Brazilian banks can manage to endure the storms. For him, he thinks the only secret is familiarity throughout other turbulent years and the awareness of the market and because only the borrowers who scrutinized and found to be worthy of the credit are the only ones who are eligible and entitled to be financed by the Brazilian bankers which within the private sector. According to Mr. Igor Cornelsen’s wordpress blog, this will provide the banks with the logic of safety to look forward and streamline expenditures.

He further added that the greatest thing the Brazilian government should do is to ensure that the investors feel safe even in the instill economic strictness.

Why should People consider investing in Brazilian Banks

The most interesting thing is that even if Brazil is facing such an indecisive climate, people are still interested in this flourishing country. Reason being that it’s a very lovely country and also it’s increasing the need for developing infrastructures. Besides there are also plenty of natural resources in Brazil that makes the country so attractive to investors not in South America alone but also in the entire world. Not forgetting the fact that it is also the biggest country in the continent and the reality that it produces top foods worldwide.

Mr. Igor Cornelsen added that before you stare towards any investment, you must know the essentials, prerequisites, and basics and this is precisely why this entrepreneur decided to make a small and a simple explanatory plan to guide the investors further before they stare to any investment, you must know the bare-bones and the prerequisites. The following are some of Igor cornelsen’s rudiments from whitepages on Brazilian banking.

Brazilian banks have ten major players

Among all the nation worldwide Brazil is ranked number eight biggest economy worldwide and also the leading economy in the continent of South America. In addition to that, the country also consists of ten leading investment and commercial banks with some being private and some are owned by the government.

Pay attention to China

Brazil has good relationships with China; the bond between the two countries is unyielding because it’s one of the largest business partners of Brazil. Cornelsen added that before you invest in the country, you must also consider their biggest trade partners who will help you assess whether your investment will lead to more proceeds or extra accomplishment. It’s always important to look onto every connected market since this will give you a better perspective of your reserves or savings.

Talk Fusion, A Revolution in Video Communication

A day in the life of Bob Reina shows that his vision for success, hard work as well as dedication have brought him the success he has today. His day starts off every morning at 5:30 am which is very early for most. This is the time he checks emails as well as aligns priorities for the day. The corporate team at Talk Fusion rely on this priority schedule from Bob Reina in order to know where the company is heading on the day. When everyone starts work at 8:30am at the head office all the staff know where things are heading as well as knowing what will bring the Talk Fusion company vision into reality.

Bob Reina has a day packed tightly with meetings and to do’s and therefore has no break from sunrise to sunset. This is Bob Reina’s passion and will see his company create an even bigger foot print in the video communication industry. Meeting with the IT staff or the marketing professionals as well as sharing direct selling experience and knowledge is what keeps Bob Reina in high demand. The company relies on him to provide the leadership as well as creating the vision. Bob Reina is continually trying to improve upon the platform they already have and therefore if a good idea pops up he immediately sends it to his development team in Dallas, Texas. Here the idea is conceptualized and tweaked in order to make it a viable Talk Fusion application.

Success has been tremendous for Talk Fusion so far and they do not plan on stopping there. The first ever 30 day free trial will be launched allowing users to try the application suite first hand without having to take any risks. Simply sign up on the great Talk Fusion website or on a personalized seller website in order to get started and embrace the future of video technology. Talk Fusion is a brand new innovative technology for this day and age making use of the successful direct selling business model.

Does Wen by Chaz Dean Live Up to the Hype?

If you own a television or smart phone, chances are you have heard of the amazing hair product Wen This product has been flooding the market promising women and men beautiful and healthy hair after use, and it seems that all of the media hype could be true. Tons of WEN users have posted review after review on Guthy-Renker of the amazing Wen hair system created by Chaz Dean. The reviews all claim that their hair is left stronger and more manageable, and most users boast an extreme change in the shine and appearance of their hair.

What makes this miracle product any different from the other products lining the shelves? WEN only has 5 ingredients. Yes, you read that correctly! Only 5 all natural ingredients including; glycerine, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, and panthenol. Ordinary shampoos and conditioners contain mostly water and a plethora of other ingredients that strip hair of the natural healthy oils your hair craves. Chaz Dean was so confident in his product, that he implemented a 3 week long user perception study where Wen achieved above 95% increase over competitors in moisture, shine, and manageability categories. The results of the perception study and never ending list of satisfied Wen users prove the Chaz Dean created a product that is unlike anything else available in sephora.

Recently, Bumble posted an article about Wen by Chaz Dean. The article followed the account of an actual individual using Wen over a 5 day period, and was complete with images and descriptions of hair each day. It was concluded in the article that WEN is an excellent hair product for men and women who seek a great product that improves the health and appearance of hair. The individual that wrote the article raved about the shine and appearance of her hair, and mentioned that she would “definitely be reaching for the product again”. It seems Wen has definitely lived up the media hype, and has continued to receive rave reviews from users! Need a hair pick me up? Give Wen by Chaz Dean a try.