Premium Dog Food May Be Just As Good As Table Scraps

For years, dog food has used the “leftover” by-products from human food production. These inferior pet food ingredients might include grain-rich pellets (called “kibble”), pork by-products and fillers. The Beneful pet food manufacturer offers premium dog food that might be just as good as table scraps.

“A dog is man’s best friend”

Dogs provide security for your home, playmates for your children and a duck retriever when you are hunting. A dog might sacrifice its life for you if you are attacked by a bear. Doesn’t your dog deserve the best meals?

The latest development in the $23.7 billion pet-food industry is refrigerated portions. These allow the owner to cut down on preservatives to create a more fresh product.

“Little Big Heart”

Many families believe that their pets have feelings. As you sit down to eat with your family, your dog might feel left out. It might see you enjoying a couple of different meal courses, while it only has its one course of kibble.

Kids might hide “unwanted food” in napkins to feed the family pet. Unfortunately, some human foods are actually toxic to your dog – chocolate, cheese, onions and avocados, to name a few. So, sharing table scraps might not be the wisest.

“Make Dog Feel Like Family”

A better way to show your love is to provide healthy premium Beneful dog food. There are eight dry food options, twenty wet food options and eleven dog treats available in the Beneful line of meals. Choose a different one to satisfy a different function.

Premium Beneful dog meals include real meats and vitamin-rich veggies, such as kale, spinach and sweet potatoes. Just as you enjoy variety, your family dog might also appreciate a little change of pace. Beneful ensures that all of its pet products are 100% complete and well-balanced.

“Variety is the Spice of Life”

Provide the premium Beneful dog meals that allow your pint-sized love and joy to be both happy and healthy. Your dog will “Thank You.”





Greg Hague the Darling of the American Real Estate Industry

Greg Hague is the man with the Gold in the American Real Estate industry. The inspirational entrepreneur speaks passionately of his sustainable real estate selling ideas. Greg has mentored thousands of realtors in the United States through his out of the box selling ideas.
Hague rose to the top of real estate through innovation and persistence. Today, he passes down decades of experience and wit to aspiring realtors not only in America but around the world. He draws admiration from his students, peers, and the entire industry. Some call him a visionary, real estate strategist, America’s top real estate expert and also a forward thinker.

When you listen to Greg talk or watch one of his videos online, you get completely blown away by his sharp mind and ability to deliver the message. His audience falls into a gaze and pins drop silence. It’s like a magical moment of transfer of knowledge. Other than real estate, Greg wears other hats, perhaps an indication of his wit.


Greg Hague doubles up as a law lecturer, author, and attorney. One of his books, “Swim With The Sharks”, was rated a best seller by the New York Times. His passion for the industry across three decades makes him an authority in real estate matters. He owns several firms in the industry and has become a public speaker.


Greg notes that the industry lacks radicals and revolutionaries. While other sectors have come up with cost effective marketing strategies, real estate continues to use redundant methods for over 75 years. As a result, home sellers lose about 5% of their asset value while selling. It involves erecting signboards on vacant properties and running advertisements. Potential buyers come to inspect the properties with the hope of closing a deal.


Greg Hague established the Real Estate Mavericks to start a revolution in the industry through coaching and mentorships. The most popular programs the firm runs includes 22-step Home Launch Formula and the 29-day Fast Sale Plan. These programs base their operations on creating a buyer’s rush thus saving time on a home listing.

(Check out Real Estate Mavericks at their website)

In his experience, buyers love seeing a property first or long before it’s launched into the market. He calls it the ‘coming soon’ effect. This strategy helps to build curiosity or anticipation and demand. Private shows are also allowed in such cases. In fact, private shows yield the best results as clients buy such properties at better prices than when in the market.


Also, when a house stays on the market for too long, future clients get the idea that it’s overpriced. Greg Hague advises agents against the traditional approach. Instead, he urges them to send out personalized messages to other agents in the locality. Such actions create interest as prospective buyers demand a peek into the properties that are about to get into the market.

CCMP Capital Core Services and a Brief About Steven Murray

CCMP Capital is one of the most preferred private equity investment firms. The New York based firm is located at 245 Park Avenue in New York City. The company commenced its operations as an independent entity in 2006 after it was spun from J.P. Morgan Partners. Since 1984, the firm has cumulatively invested over $16 billion in various buyout and equity deals. CMP Capital focus areas include chemicals and energy; consumer and retail; healthcare and industrial sectors. The company has invested over $2.6 billion in energy and chemicals sectors over a period of 25 year. The chemicals and energy areas of focus for CCMP Capital include power, chemicals, midstream and mainstream services and exploration and production. The investments the company has put up in the industrial sector amounts to $4.1 billion. The subsectors targeted include industrial services, manufacturing and distribution. The companies under CCMP Capital’s industrial portfolio include Edwards, Milacron and the Hillman Group.

CCMP Capital investments in healthcare companies over a period of a 27 years stands at $1.6 billion. The sectors targeted include managed care organizations, providers of healthcare services, medical product distributors and specialty product companies. The companies under the healthcare roll include Medpace and LHP. Using its vast proprietary operating resources and industrial expertise, CCMP Capital Advisors has been successfully at leverage its market position to become one of the most sought investment partner around the world. The team working at CCMP Capital is highly experienced to guide investors and partners through the path of success. The company’s top management hierarchy is made up of an investment team that includes Mr. Greg Brenneman, the company Chairman, President and CEO and Mr. Timothy Walsh, the MD and COO. The other team members include executive advisors, finance and investor reporting team, associates and an administration team.

The immediate former, long serving CCMP Capital CEO was the late Steve Murray. Murray passed on at the tender age of 52 in what his close associates describe as health related reasons. According to a report by Dan Primack of Fortune magazine, Steve Murray left CCMP on February 2015 after a successful 27 years of service. His most recent board seats included; Octagon Credit Investors, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Jetro JMDH Holdings and the LHP Hospital Group. Greg Brenneman, the current Chairman and CEO of CCMP Capital described Murray as a terrific investor and deal maker who spend a good part of his career in private equity. Murray held a degree in economics from Boston College and a graduate degree in business administration from Columbia Business School. His philanthropic work spanned various interests including education and charity.

News About Premium Dog Foods Like Beneful

There’s no comparison to Beneful when it comes to quality, fragrant aromas and guaranteed nutrition content. Nutrition is an important factor to any dog’s well being, and I know it is what gives my dog so much energy to run and play at the park like he does when we go for walks. I’m always prepared on our walks because I bring Beneful Baked Delights along with us. He loves the way they smell. I can tell this because he sticks his nose in my pocket when I’m pulling the Baked Delights out from inside of it. I usually buy the Baked Delights called Hugs, but my dog likes them all. I just like to give him hugs, so I buy Beneful Baked Delights Hugs. Dog Food News There was this article that I found on the web from the Daily Herald. It is all about the ways that premium dog food manufacturers make their foods. It goes into detail about what makes premium dog food good for your dog. They have been using foods without grains for a long time. They have also been using taste testers to make sure that the dog food has the right flavors in it. The bottom line is that premium dog food companies use high quality ingredients, and they pay more to make sure that they are getting the best ingredients for their dog foods. Beneful has real pieces of chicken, real vegetables and rice in its premium dog foods that are called Chopped Blends. They also have Chopped Blends that are in other flavors. In fact, they have 20 different kinds of Chopped Blends in a variety of flavors for your dog to taste. They have kinds that have salmon in them. They also have kinds that have real beef in them. Dogs love the taste of Chopped Blends, and to tell you the truth, the Chopped Blends smell really good to me.

Living Wills, Commercial Documents, and Entertainment Contracts Rely on The Expertise of Great Legal People

Ross Martin Abelow is an attorney that graduated from Brooklyn Law School. He specializes in family law. He is available in New York to help when you need someone to write up legal papers or you need someone to look over a contract for work. Entertainers look to Abelow when they need someone to make sure they are being taken care of. Legal matters, contracts, and entertainment issues are things that Ross Abelow takes very seriously. He knows the law and will make sure you get the best end of any deal.

Legal matters come up all the time in our life. We may need simply to draw up a will so that we are covered for death. The coverage is just for making sure our wishes are followed through. If we want one of our children to receive the ring grandma left, we will include this detail in the will. People that draw up wills are less likely to leave their families confused when they die.

A living will is a will that tells people your wishes if you become terminally ill. A living will simply ask if you want to receive feeding tubes to sustain your life, if you want to receive breathing tubes to keep you alive, or if you want antibiotics to keep you living. Living wills make it easier on the family when you are terminally ill and unable to say i want this. Make sure to have your lawyer to draw up a living will for you. Give a copy to your doctor and hospital. Make sure your children know your wishes and let your attorney keep a copy on file.

Other legal issues arise with families. Adoptions, marriage, divorce, and prenuptial. These are some of the documents that may need an attorney to look over. If you are in need of an attorney that specializes in family or entertainment law, you are in the right area. New York has some of the best attorneys around. Give one a call to discuss your legal needs. Attorney Ross Martin Abelow has been in legal business since 1989. He can help with any commercial needs as well.

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Guilty Pleasures: Chocolate and Orange

I’ve always been a fan of chocolate and orange, but the oft-underlooked combo that combines sweetness and tartness is shrugged off by many. I recently caught this affirmation of my favorite chocolate/fruit combo via Jon Urbana, who you may remember if you follow NCAA lacrosse, and I’m proud to say that I’m not alone in this world!

The dessert gods hath spoken 🙂