Going against the Odds

Doe Deere is a Russian fashion school dropout who suffers from a disorder named inconsistent personal disorder. Despite this, she ha smoved on to live life of a real champion, a heroine. She moved to the United States in 1999 to seek greener pastures and start a new life with fresh ambitions. Since then, Doe has been on the limelight, for the good reasons, making revolutionary cosmetic products, venturing into fashion designing among other things. Doe’s first move was marrying a 25-year-old American man who has worked with and showed unending support in every move that doe has made. To survive and have a brand in the limelight, most celebrities use new names, Doe was not left behind either in branding herself. Some of the common aka names she has used include Xenis, Xenu, Dough, Dodo, Doh, thunderwear, Lime Crime, princess moth and Xenia. In 2008, she came into the limelight again after she made colorful beauty products that people wanted her to make known and disclose how they are made and their contents but why should she? Those were business secrets.

The new brand of cosmetic and beauty products from storyexchange went by the market name Lime Crime. It was a string of colorful products termed as being meant for the young who were strong at heart, a passionate group with products from a fascinating figure. But there was a battalion which appreciated the products’ existence in the market as opposed to many, people who strongly criticized and hated on her products. To counter the negative energy around, she made a brilliant move and released a YouTube video on her blogazine channel to explain how lipstick is made. The move was to assure her fans that indeed she was repackaging products from wholesaler manufacturers. After watching it, there is no doubt that her products are original and genuine.

When you venture into music, always be sure that to have the ability to create music that can move crowds, doe could make this happen alongside her band members. At one time, Doe being a generous person, she wanted to treat her fans, and she rented a night club so that her accolade band could get to play a show. Social media claimed that few people attended the show, but that was a hoax. The show was a success as hundreds of people attended it and chanted alongside their favorite lines, a sign of a successful music career.

She went ahead to open a fan club for them where they could interact and participate in philanthropic cause. Bloggers all over America have used her images and written how hardworking and focused Doe is by going against the odds of her condition. Bloggers like Grey showed immense love when he wrote about the authenticity of Doe’s rainbow beauty products. Doe is destined for greatness and soldiers on every day to show that no situation should put anyone down.

How Tech Start Ups Are Raising NYC Real Estate Prices

Since the epic explosion of technology use in people’s daily lives, start up companies have been popping up since the year 2000 and have been growing exponentially since. New York City is one of the largest tech hubs in the Unites States, and to keep up with the frequent growth they’ve had to tweak a few things to buffer the influx of companies and their employees. An article in the ‘Huffington Post’ outlines a few of the changes made by the tech bubble increasing in size.

Since tech is such a massive cash cow, companies and start ups that burst into the business world tend to flourish fast which means they need commercial real estate. Even if they start as a small company, well rounded and backed start ups can double their size within a year, which means larger scale real estate is required. The tech industry overtook 19% of leasing activity in NYC real estate, according to Town Real Estate in 2014, the percentage itself was guesstimated to be much lower on the spectrum. Capital from investors is being mainlined into the tech scene of the city, a report from CBI stated the average Series B financing sky rocketed from $6 million in 2013 to $17 million this year alone. With the mass amounts of space needed in such a small area, commercial real estate prices in places such as Flatiron, Chelsea, and Union square have jumped up 80%.

With the younger generation running most of the tech companies the style of their desired office space is completely different from the traditional, run of the mill cubicles with grey carpet. Their unique designs and modernized interior wishes call for exposed brick, loft spaces and open floor plans.

Employees of the tech companies need a place to live, some can afford luxurious apartments while others go to lower income neighborhoods. These well educated and young people have been turning outdated neighborhoods back into hot spots, igniting a new flame in rural areas. The proof lies in the massive 40% raise of college educated people living in places like Long Island and Astoria since 2008. Change is the only consistency and as the tech market grows, NYC real estate will mold with the change as well.

Handy, the Best Home Cleaning Services Provider

A lot of people around the states especially in Canada and its environs must have heard of handy and the exemplary service it provides. Someone might have been wondering the reason why Handy has maintained such exemplariness in popularity over the time, and while some people might think that it is a success that just dropped overnight then maybe they should consider again. Handy has been in service for long enough and expectedly, it has gained the kind of professionalism and expertise that we all require while in need of cloning services. They offer this quality service to about twenty states in the United States and as if that is not enough, it crosses the oceans over to the United Kingdom. Handy is just the right solution to the problems of cleaning service out there, and the reason behind this success and excellence can be attributed to the following facts:

First of all, handy has a bunch of professionals and what comes about when a firm such as Handy has professionals is the fact that there is the sense of experience and expertise. We all want to have our cleaners being professionals who will offer us good services and advice on how to maintain the cleanliness and Handy deems the correct firm to employ. As if that is not enough, theirs is a friendly and insured service. This would make it quite efficient for whoever decides to work with Handy.

It would feel boring and awkward to hire a firm to provide cleaning service for our homes or areas of work only for them to give us an appointment and fail to turn up. This would automatically disorientate our program and leave us really hating them for the inconvenience they have caused, but the good news with Handy is the fact that theirs is next-day availability. This is quite amazing and convenient as some of the services we want handyliquorbar offered to us are quite emergent and handy as well the correct bunch to involve.
Every other client out there demands quality services form any other cleaning agency. The problem has however been the fact that some of the agencies out there do not offer them the guarantee for quality services, and this would leave them quite desperate eventually, but the good news behind Handy is the fact that they offer them their money back in case they are not satisfied with the service. That sounds like fantasy but it is real and Handy is the company involved in this case. Their dedication and passion for their work have given them a deserved accolade, and their top standing doesn’t come out by sheer good luck but hard work and dedication.

Handy’s professionals offer home and office cleaning services and the one other thing that has made them extremely amazing team is the price tag they label on their service. We would all be looking for service providers who as well will not strain our finances and handy is just the correct professionals. They offer their services with quite low and pocket-friendly prices.

Purina Beneful: Health and Happiness in Dog Bowls Everywhere

Purina® is a company of pet lovers. They’ve spent the last 80 years nourishing our pets and enriching our lives. Their Purina Beneful® products reflect the love. With 8 delicious and vitamin-rich varieties of dry dog food, 20 varieties of wet dog food and 11 varieties of dog treats, any canine, if they could speak their people’s language, would request that Purina Beneful® be stocked in their pantries–and apparently many of their people do stock them, regardless of the communication barrier. Purina Beneful brings 100% complete and balanced products of health, happiness and deliciousness to more than 15 million dogs every year. According to Beneful’s website, 95% of the visitors to their site recommend their products to other dog parents they know, and their combined votes gave Beneful a 4.7 out of 5 rating.  Their “quality control procedures are among the strictest in the industry” and are “the gold standard of the industry, meeting or exceeding every FDA, USDA or AAFCO requirement,” according to statements on the site.

Wholesome ingredients and top notch quality control are all well and good, but how does it taste? Pet parents want to be sure they’re giving the best to their dogs, of course, but taste is understandably of utmost importance to the receiving end of the daily dog bowl offerings. Beneful’s dry and wet dog food menus incorporate a variety of dog-tasted-and-approved proteins such as beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, eggs and salmon, as well as the carbs, antioxidants, omega-rich ingredients their parents are looking for: barley, rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatoes, spinach, green beans, and even blueberries. Beneful’s line of Baked Delights® Dog Snacks are also made with dog favorites in mind–bacon, cheese, beef and peanut butter–in the ingenious form of cookies and crackers. Purina certainly knows a dog’s guilty pleasures, though there’s absolutely nothing unhealthy about their super nutritious menu items. They even have a line of peanut butter-and-parsley Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists and peanut butter-and-meat Dental Ridges treats that come in a variety of sizes, which help to effectively reduce plaque and tartar buildup in a fun and tasty way.

Speaking of guilty pleasures, Beneful also offers a lighter side on their menu–Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food formula–that is low in calories, but still high in taste, containing 10% fewer calories than Beneful Originals and comes with serving size recommendations to easily manage and maintain the canine waistline. They also offer IncrediBites and Healthy Puppy smaller kibble formulas in the dry dog food line for pint-sized loved ones.

Purina cares about dogs living a full, happy and healthy life, and their creative, blue-ribbon, great-tasting canine dining selections reflect how much they really do care.

How Are Business Leaders In Chicago Changing The City For The Better?

The business leaders of Chicago are helping to make the city more than the Second City. The Second City image of Chicago is based on the industrial nature that the city cultivated all through the early part of the 20th Century. Chicago’s change has been a slow one, and the historic buildings in the city did little to help the city become more modern. Men who are making changes to the city work in the financial sector, and the financial sector will transform Chicago into an elegant city that is much like Wall Street.

#1: Majeed Ekbal Helps Bring Investments To Chicago

Investments that Majeed Ekbal brings to Chicago come in the form of money that was born in the Middle East. The Middle Eastern oil money needs a place to go, and Majeed Ekbal helps funnel that money to Chicago rather than New York.

#2: Majeed Has Made Deals With Oil Sheiks

The oil sheiks who are swimming in money have connections to Majeed, and Majeed is bringing in oil money that is bolstering companies that are building their own funds in Chicago. There are massive hedge funds based in Chicago that do not funnel their money through New York, and the Chicago market is growing to a level that was once thought impossible. Majeed is a marketing expert who understands how to pitch deals to the leaders of the city, and those leaders use his oil money to improve the city’s economy.

#3: Improving The Overall Economy

The hedge funds in the city are creating more jobs for everyone in town, and the people who are getting better jobs have more money to spend. Everyone who has more money to spend is funneling their own money back into the Chicago economy, and the economy creates yet more jobs for people across the city.

The city is creating a financial sector that trades in more than commodities, and there are financial opportunities for young graduates who need not make their way to New York after school. The change in the city’s structure is happening because of a few strong men who see a better future for the city.

Chicago is a city that was once only known for its industry, and the industry that will bring the city into the 21st Century is finance. Financiers who hold all the cards are creating more money for the people in the city who need jobs and income the most.

FreedomPop Has Been Generous Since The Start

It is a mobile service that allows people to make calls, texts and get on the web for free, and many people in the United States have come to love the service over the past few years. It has been reported on Daily Mail that FreedomPop has decided to expand its service from just the United States to the UK, as well. Now more people will have the chance to use a free mobile service, and that will help to change the mobile world.

When someone gets a plan from FreedomPop they will have to do some surveys or download some coupons and things like that to keep it. FreedomPop uses those things to keep it being free, and many people are happy with the service for all that it has done. Now, thanks to FreedomPop, many people who would not have been able to afford a plan for their mobile phone are able to use one. People are able to take a phone with them wherever they go and stay safe and in the know. It was a great idea that FreedomPop had when it was first starting up, and it is great of the company to expand out into the UK, so that people over there can experience what it is like to have a free mobile service available to them, as well.

The Amazing Courage and Life Of Yeonmi Park

Doing great things in life takes courage. This is something that we come to find through history. This is so true in our day and age as individuals take a stand against evil that is a part of our world everyday. Yeonmi Park is a perfect example of courage in action. She has been able to create great change in her own life and in the hearts of others due to her amazing courage. From leaving her country of North Korea, to creating a new life for herself in America, it has been a great story of success for Yeonmi Park as the years have gone on.

Yenomi left North Korea with her mom in the early years of her life but that is not where her troubles stopped. In China she was faced with very difficult situations due to her poverty and race. Dealing with human trafficking was a very difficult thing that Yenomi had to face on a daily basis. Her horror that she faced in the wake of her hardships in China. This is what made her who she is today. Her stories are now immortalized in a tell all book which gives her the ability to speak freely about the problems that she faced.

This book is more than just a tell all about her problems in China. This book also sheds light upon all of the horrible living conditions that are present in North Korea. This has brought a lot of scrutiny upon Yenomi, but it is something that she is willing to deal with. The North Korean government can not intimidate Yenomi to become silent. They may try to scare her, but she will not be intimidated by fear.

The North Korean government will stop at nothing to see Yenomi Park’s name defamed. They are ready to pursue any means necessary to keep her book from getting into the hands of the people of North Korea. This is something that needs to end. Yenomi has a great message that needs to be heard from the people of the North Korean government.  She is having trouble adjusting to the large difference in the quality of life. When she was younger she was always dealing with hunger. Now she is able to go right across the street and get whatever she wants to eat. This is something that she will have to get used to over time.

Tragic Death of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray, founder of CCMP Capital, passed away at the early age of 52. He was raised in Westchester County, New York. He climbed the educational ladder at Boston College where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree on wikipedia.org. He also earned a Master Degree in Business Administration at Columbia University in New York. He eventually settled down with his wife and four sons in Stamford, Connecticut.\

In 1984, Murray was hired on as a credit trainee at the New York based Hanover Trust Company. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital then continued to prosper as an invest and made it to have to the title of Vice President by the late 1980s. In 1989, the newly found Vice President joined a private equity and leverage finance unit, which helped strengthen the combination of the two companies. By 2000, JPMorgan and Hanover Trust Company were a part of each other.  With all of this work, he was considered a founding partner of the CCMP, which as a spin off of JPMorgan at the time.

The companies prospered very quickly together. With the specialized training the Stephen Murray acquired over the years, the middle market leverage buyouts and growth equity investments grossed over $3.6 billion in one year alone. At the end of 2010, the merger between the two companies became strained due to some complications with the two companies.  The banks divested from the companies after being outbid by Blackstone Group LP, KKR and Company, and TRG Capital for a Dublin-based drug maker named Warner Chilcott. This in turn enraged Henry Kravis, the KKR co-founder, who stated to the bank to not compete with the “King of Capital.”

As one of the founders of CCMP, Stephen Murray found it best to sever all ties with JPMorgan as of 2014. He didn’t want his company to be perceived as “favored” to JPMorgan since they were an in-house company and believed that both companies would be better off separated.

Stephen Murray resigned from his Chief Executive chair in February of 2015 due to health reasons. According to many of his colleagues, he was a terrific investor and deal maker.

The Magic Of James Dondero

Highland Capital Management Fund is an investment adviser company. They offer different ways of equity, that will deliver great returns with very low risk. This company is one of the largest and most experience to date. They work very closely with companies that may be struggling, and usually come up with a solution that will see growth and potential. Risk management and capital reservation are a central objectivity of their equity strategies. They pride themselves in using a top-down approach, to optimize a high return.

The company to date has about $22 billion in assets. Jim Dondero and Mark Okada, started the company in 1993, which means that they have over twenty years of experience running things. And this they are doing quite well.

Some of their main focus is also on credit strategies, such as hedge funds and private equity. Some of their clients they work with includes foundations, corporations, financial institutions, middle market healthcare services. Healthcare is Highland’s largest investment to date, with $2.3 billion in assets.

In 2015 The Dallas Business Journal named Highland Capital Management one of the best places to work. Of course they were humble by that suggestion. This company is very charitable. They and their employees pride themselves on doing a lot of volunteer work. They also give financial backing to local organization, and non profit groups.

James Dondero is Co-founder and President. He is based in Dallas, Texas. Here I will be touching on few of his accomplishments. He comes with thirty years(30) of experiences in the credit and equity markets. He supports anything to do with education, believing that if one has an education, they can go very far. No matter the circumstances. He is involves in veteran’s affairs, and anything to do with public policy. He began his career in 1984 as an analyst, working with Morgan Guaranty. His educational background is from the University of Virginia according to linkedin, there he received the highest honor, his major was accounting and Finance. He is also a certified Management Accountant. Also, Mr. Dondero is the Chairman of Cornerstone Health care and Nexbank. He serves on the boards of MGM Studio. As you can see he wears many, many hats. This is only the tip of his iceberg.

How to Succeed in Online Dating

The rules of dating have completely changed, and nowadays single men and women have more choices than ever when it comes to finding S.O.S. You probably have at least heard of online dating on skout.zendesk.com, if you’ve yet to try it yourself. Online dating provides the chance to meet more people with less hassle -and avoid those that you’re really not that into. Online dating requires only time and an Internet connection. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for in a romantic partner – a long-term romance, a one-night encounter or something else- you can find it online with the many dating sites available.

Skout is one of the many online dating sites out there, but it is much different than the others. The fun-filled site has something for everyone looking to mix and mingle for other singles. Simply download the app to your mobile device, and in an instant you can begin browsing the site and meeting other people from around the world. People of all ages, interests and backgrounds are on Skout waiting to meet you!

Once you download Skout (or any of the other awesome online dating apps around,) you want to accumulate the most interest possible in your profile. Remember, there are lots of other people hoping to find someone special to meet just like you are. A profile that stands out and attracts eyes your way is essential. How can you possibly weed out the competition and help yourself to more contacts?

* Your photograph is important. It should be clear, and show your face (and body if you wish.) The photo should be current, and of course it should be a photograph of yourself.

* Your profile should also be interesting and give plenty of details about yourself. List the things that you like, and a few of the things that you do not like. Make sure that you keep the details interesting and juicy while still keeping some to yourself for those special interests to learn.

* Tailor your messages. A general message that is sent to everyone that you think is interesting won’t get you very far.

* Be honest, because if you are planning to meet these people, lies won’t get you very far. And, it is pretty hard to keep up with the things that you are telling people that you meet online, so keeping lies together is a full-time job in itself.

With these tips, you can find someone special using online dating, especially when Skout is the app that you download. Put these tips to good use and who knows what could happen?