Investing In Oil Companies Now May Be A Smart Move

The price of oil has been all over the news lately. Crude oil has taken a beating in 2015. Prices of crude have dropped 50 percent from a year ago. Investors like James Dondero says that is the nature of the crude black beast. His company, Dallas-based Highland Capital Management has more than $26 billion in assets under management, and a decent percentage of those assets are linked to the oil business in some way.

Dondero thinks investors shouldn’t retreat from oil just because there is weak consumer demand at the moment or because the U.S. is producing more oil than ever before. Yes, there is an oil glut, and the strong dollar and declining corporate profits have hit oil stocks like the plague. And if that news isn’t enough, Iran is chomping at the bit to enter the global oil business, and that could exacerbate the oil supply, according to Mr. Dondero.

But Dondero and other investors say the current oil situation could turn out to be a blessing in the long term for oil company stocks. Seasoned investors like Dondero know that commodities have boom cycles as well as bust cycles. This happens to be a bust cycle, so oil companies are stopping production and delaying and cancelling shipments due to the low prices. Oil companies are known to panic, and Mr. Dondero believes they will intentionally make the oil supply look lower than it is. In other words, another gas crisis may be brewing because demand for oil is going to increase and there will be a supply issue that forces prices up again. When that happens, and investors like Mr. Dondero think that will happen very soon, the boom cycle will begin again.

Investors like Warren Buffet have already made the move and bought an insane amount of oil stock. The old supply and demand saga is going to be a reality again, and investors like Buffet know that means hefty returns on their investment. Even though oil production exceeds demand by more than 2 million barrels now, investors believe that will change as the weather changes.

What all that means in plain terms is oil stocks are a great investment now. Oil stocks are trading at bargain-basement prices and all the big investors like Dondero, Pickens, Buffet and Icahn are buying oil stocks. Mr. Dondero says energy stocks have always been great in the late-stage bull markets. They perform better in the last year of a bull market, and the market is in the sixth year of the bull phase this year. Investors like James Dondero know that the world runs on energy and fossil fuel energy is the only kind of energy that can meet the demand at this point in time.

Ken Griffin Shares Unique Leadership Qualities

The CEO of Chicago based Citadel LLC needs no introduction to people who are hooked into the corporate and financial world. The name of Ken Griffin is synonymous with great leadership and outstanding success. As a leader, he has taken Citadel to heights that were previously unimaginable by anyone else. And he did all this in the most efficient way possible, which is another thing for him to be proud of. Ken Griffin has always been interested in imparting knowledge to young entrepreneurs and leaders in the industry who still have years of success ahead of them. In the following points, he shares some unique qualities that transform a leader into something much more –

True Leaders Are Genuine – Ken Griffin of believes that leaders who are frequently engaged in power plays and sneaky tactics with their members cannot achieve much success. He is of the opinion that good leaders are those who are genuine people. Authenticity cannot be replaced by any number of qualities because it makes a leader human and this is what allows members to gravitate towards that person. Leaders are people who have good and bad sides to their personality, like anyone else. However, this has nothing to do with how authentic they are and how they treat their members.

True Leaders Are Humble – Good leadership abilities come after personal growth and a leader can never lead a company, let alone a small group of people, until they are constantly improving as human beings. Ken Griffin has his family and friends to thank for his constant improvement and it is these people who have kept him grounded and have offered him immeasurable support during his long and successful career.

True Leaders Learn From Their Failures – A leader who is scared of failure and afraid of it would never be able to achieve success, says Ken Griffin. He says that when he started, he had good mentors who guided him out of failures and taught him the value of fear. Fear of failure is good and it drives people forward. The difference between great and average leaders is that the former knows that there is something to learn from failures. It improves and enhances a leader’s experience – both professionally and personally – and makes them take steps that they previously thought was not in their character to follow through. In a way, failure leads to success.

True Leaders Encourage Leadership – Ken Griffin has worked with people who have gone on to become great leaders themselves. This was because he had the unique ability to know who possessed the gift of good leadership and he encouraged these people to become leaders.

Finally, Ken Griffin adds that leaders should also have some good professional credentials which would give them command over their fields and would help their companies do better.

Yeonmi Park: Human Rights Activist and North Korean Defector

Yeonmi Park is a 21-year-old woman who was born in Hyesan, North Korea. The country of North Korea, under leadership of the Kim Dynasty’s dictatorship, is known for its oppressive treatment of the citizens who live there. Park and her family are some of the few North Koreans who managed to successfully defect from the country and live to tell about it.

Yeonmi Park was born in 1993 to parents who were considered to be middle class civil servants in North Korea. In North Korea there were two main rules to follow, worship the leader Kim-Jong Il and to hate anyone who disagreed with the Dear Leader. Growing up, Yeonmi recalls having to be mindful of the things she said because no one could be trusted. If word got back to the government about a citizen thinking outside of the box, it is likely that they would be punished severely. Soon, Yeonmi Park on learned first hand how brutal those punishments could be.

He was tortured and starved at the camp, and soon realized that escaping the country would be the only way for his family to survive. The family made the tough decision that Yeonmi, her mother, and sister would be the first members to make the dangerous journey. Her family crossed the river and arrived in China, but they endured further suffering when they had to hide from Chinese authorities. Throughout the journey, Yeonmi’s sister was lost and feared dead. Her father caught up with the family however he passed away before the family made it to safety in South Korea. Yeonmi and her mother continued through Mongolia and reach the embassy for South Korea where they sought asylum. Five years later, Yeonmi and her mother were reunited with the sister that was feared dead.

Yeonmi is now thriving in South Korea. She resides in the capital city of Seoul where she is working on her memoirs, going to school for Criminal Justice, and fighting for the rights of others who were oppressed like her family was. She has made it her mission in life to travel the world to tell others about what really goes on in the secretive country. With Yeonmi being brave enough to speak out about the atrocities and the people that are suffering in North Korea, it is creating a grassroots movement that many are hoping will lead to positive progress in the nation. Yeonmi Park is known as a Human Rights advocate and will continue to work to bridge the gap between North and South Korea.

Lime Crime Leads The Move To Cruelty Free Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry has seen some major changes taking place in the last few years since the launch of a number of independent cosmetics producers gave consumers more choice than ever before. The need for consumers to know how the products they are using were created and where they come from is something that cosmetics producers of all sizes are now looking to understand and is information that will be provided in the future. Natural ingredients and cruelty free ways of testing products are now major aspects of the cosmetics industry that increasing numbers of consumers are searching for in their cosmetics products.

Lime Crime is one of the new cosmetics producers who are looking to produce cruelty free products and has a more open wayof marketing itself towards the cosnsumers who purchase products. The founder and CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere has been a major figure in the growth of the company on after she made a major investment in producing a cruelty free range of products. The need for cruelty free products is something that every individual should be concerned about and Lime Crime has made a feature of in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Lime Crime has grown on the back of the views and products created by Doe Deere, which has seen the company produce blogs and marketing campaigns featuring Deere herself as one of the major factors in the growth of the company. Lime Crime is still operated under the leadership of Doe Deere, who still spends a portion of each day in the Lime Crime labs working on the new products that excite her and those who follow her work with interest.

Amongst the many companies that are springing up in the cosmetics industry, the larger companies that have traditionally led the induustry the chance to find a new provider is always an important factor. In the state of Washington, a new natural makeup company has also been created that will follow the Lime Crime decision to be cruelty free and as natural as possible. The evolution of these companies is something that will be closely followed, Lime Crime grew up as a producer of blod colors and strong makeup designs. As Doe Deere herself evolves the makeup she produces is also evolving to include products that can be worn during the work day or for more subdued events that will provide the company with a greater customer base.

Starbucks Has Taken Notice Of A New Kind Of Water Bottle


 According to the things said in the article that was published on Fast Company, she was tired of carrying around a water bottle that was just not all that pretty, and so she decided to create her own kind of bottle. She took $30,000 of her own money and made S’well come to life. And, now others have noticed the things that she has done, and Starbucks has even started to sell the water bottles from this brand.
Sarah Kauss had a passion for making a water bottle that was pretty, not just for the sake of the one carrying it and how they would feel about themselves, but also for the sake of the environment. She knew that if she made a pretty bottle that people would be much more likely to use it and less likely to keep drinking bottled water, which is just not good for the environment. It is a good things that Sarah Kauss has done with S’well, and it is great to see her brand have the chance to grow in popularity.

The Aspire Offers Luxury Living for Families

Boraie Development has always prioritized creating the best luxury living space for singles, couples and families alike. For the past three decades, the company has worked towards in developing modern and urban communities in New Jersey. With an aim to offer some contemporary apartment homes for the renters and new home buyers in New Jersey, Omar Boraie of Boraie Development always had a new and innovative approach.

Boraie’s luxury high-rise apartment The Aspire is just a few miles from the major train station in the city. Residents of the Aspire can easily access to the neighboring cities, popular neighborhoods in Manhattan and Philadelphia. The Aspire boasts a 17-story luxury apartment, including choices of studio, one bedroom and two bedroom apartment. In total, the building has 238 well-appointed apartments. Each apartment features contemporary furnishing, wood flooring, spacious rooms, and private balcony, plush carpeting in bedroom, and energy efficient appliances. Designer kitchens in these apartments feature modern appliances, quartz countertops and designer cabinets. Stylish ceiling lights, 10-feet ceiling, custom-wood furnishing, custom lighting and stainless steel appliances are other highlights of the apartments in the Aspire.Those planning to move here will be happy to know that the stylish kitchens also feature glass tile backsplash and garbage disposal systems. Plus, each apartment features in-home high-tech Bosch washers and dryers. The bathrooms in each apartment are tastefully decorated and designed. With porcelain floor tiles, designer fixtures, ceramic wall tile and luxury bath tubs, each bathroom in all floor plans offers a cozy rejuvenation and bath space. Also, each unit in the Aspire has wired cable television connection, high-speed internet and AC-heating system. Because each apartment has energy-efficient appliances and a state-of-the-art gas heating and cooling system, residents can expect to get low electricity bills.

Residents staying here can enjoy an array of amenities offered at the Aspire. On-site fitness center, individual storage, indoor bike storage, and direct access lobby, terrace al-fresco dining setting and social rooms are other amenities here. Because the apartment is nestled right in the middle of city’s posh locality, there are many restaurants, café and shopping complexes located near to the apartment building.  Plus, there are many entertainment zones, galleries and art centers and regional theaters nestled within a few block away from the apartment.

The Aspire also offer a modern lounge area with dining setting, catering kitchen, Wi-Fi connection, and multiple flat-screen TVs. Those looking for a private event venue close to their home will surely find this setting very convenient and appealing. The venue also features an extended outdoor terrace with multiple dining tables and seating. The roof deck also features some outdoor barbecue grills powered by electricity, perfect for summer time outdoor family time and gatherings.

Helping U.S. Corn Farmers Recover From Deception

Consumers are more skeptical about our foods and perhaps for good reason. Even U.S. corn farmers without doubt are reluctant to trust manufactures of seeds, especially if they are serving their own interest. Sometimes when an individual or group suffers an injustice or fraud, they want their injuries righted.

Such is the case of several corn farmers in the U.S. The background involves Syngenta and their lack of transparency. This is a Swedish agricultural company which helps countries around the world improve the ability to grow staple crops. This relationship between farmer and industry helps the people of that region keep food and its growth steady. Syngenta puts farmers together with those crops in many countries. The crops might be genetically modified. Researchers from industries help farmers get the maximum yield from crops by altering their resistance to heat, rain, excessive heat or cold. It takes a lot of money and research to produce strong, resistant crops, and farmers trust and rely on these companies to help produce better resources.

Hence, farmers are suing Syngenta because they bought two genetically modified corn crops through Syngenta. The farmers believe Syngenta knew the two strains were not close to approval. Apparently Syngenta promised farmers, “within a matter of days” the crops would be approved. This was not true because China recently approved Agrisure Viptera, and Agrisure Duracade is not yet approved. As a result, this hurts the American farmers financially because China stopped importing corn from the U.S. Corn farmers and the price of corn fell. Farmers lost money, but Syngenta made billions.

Mikal Watts acknowledges the wrong the farmers endured at the hands of Syngenta. The corn market suffered greatly, and the farmers were harmed and dishonored by this company. Watts Guerra, located in San Antonio has Mikal Watts a top attorney in the field of agriculture. He is leading the court battle to compensate the corn farmers, but also the mangled corn industry in the United States. He knows agricultural mass torts and the GMO industry. “Those who have suffered financially due to the decline in corn prices may be able to join the thousands of farmers already filing suit against Syngenta in 20 states, as well as in various federal courts,” said Watts.

Watts received his undergraduate and law degree from the University of Texas. His experience for Honorable Thomas R. Phillips, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas began his illustrious law career.

OrganoGold’s Operations in the Turkish Market

Facebook users have been saying that according to a press released on PR Newswire, the founder and CEO of OrganoGold, Bernardo Chua has opened a new branch of his entity in Turkey. This is the 39th country in which the company has established its operations. According to Chua, this new branch in Turkey is a milestone achievement for the entire company. As per their Global Footprint Initiative, the Turkey branch will unite company’s operations in Europe, Africa and Asia thus allowing quality services to both customers and distributors all across this wide and dynamic region.

Turkey is on record for opening its first ever coffee shop around 15th century. Coffee is firmly established and recognized in the national culture hence the need for quality beverage continues to thrive. Bernardo Chua noted that this desire by Turkish residents needed modern enthusiasm and savvy healthy supplements to give them desired taste and energy needed for good health. Indeed, his company had potential to address these needs of the Turkish.

Due to increased interest in healthy lifestyle and expanding nutraceutical market, there is increased demand and awareness foe OrganoGold products in Turkey. The company is focusing on serving customers who have realized the healthy benefits of these products to their active lifestyles. The major extract available on OrganoGold’s coffee is derived from a mushroom called Ganoderma that was recognized during ancient time and used as medicine by Chinese. This plant was recognized as ‘highest-ranked herb’ and medical experts have proven that long term intake of Ganoderma results in strong and healthy body.

Bernardo Chua is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of OrganoGold, company that is in the news for expanding its operations into the Turkish market. He has been at the helm of spearheading the company to great success and achievements. He has played a critical role of bringing huge success to multi-level marketing sector and he is a supporter of Napoleon Hill Foundation.

OrganoGold was established in 2008 with its headquarters located in Vancouver. The company has its own independent distributors who supply the products to their customers. Also, they use Coffee Connoisseur Club to reach consumers in the U.S and Canada.

New Billionaire Combines With Popular Businesspeople To Buy The Hawks From Bruce Levenson

Tony Ressler finally made it to ranks of the billionaire businesspeople of the world in 2014 when a stock offering was made for the Ares Management hedge fund he established in 1997. As part of the celebrations of joining the ranks of the billionare’s of the world, Ressler looked to buy the LA CLippers when the NBA franchise became available for purchase. After being beaten to the purchase of the Clippers, Ressler was forced to look elsewhere for a franchise to buy. At this time in 2014, Bruce Levenson on announced his Atlanta Hawks franchise would look for new owners and allow those who bid around $1 billion the chance to buyt he franchise.

The decision by Bruce Levenson to sell the Atlanta Hawks was not taken lightly after the historic franchise had been a major part of the life of Levenson since he fronted the consortium buying the team in 2004. Levenson had become a successful businessperson after forming the UCG company in the 1970s whilst working as a journalist at The Washington Star. Success has followed success for Bruce Levenson after he has adapted the technology UCG has created for the analytics industry to create a series of companies, such as GasBuddy and TechTarget. These companies have proven a success for Levenson and allowed him to deveop new companies that have only expanded the business empire of Levenson and his partners.

Despite the business success Bruce Levenson has seen, he also found the time and effort to make sure the Atlanta Hawks reached a level of success that has rarelty been seen by the franchise. Levenson had proven himself a success with the growth of the Hawks from the bottom of the regular season standings to the number one seed in the Eastern Conference by his final season in control of the franchise.

Bruce Levenson sold the Hawks franchise to Tony Ressler who has now hit the ground running during the offseason in his bid to turn the Hawks into a championship winning franchise after the success of the Bruce Levenson era. In a bid to build on the success of the work of Bruce Levenson, Tony Ressler has assembled a new front office team that includes a number of officials from the successful San Antonio Spurs franchise. Instead of making major changes to the franchise, Tony Ressler has made a few changes to the front office in a show of respect to the work already done by Bruce Levenson.

North American Spine Can Help Athletes With Any Kind Of Back Pain

When people watch sports on television, they may enjoy it as a pastime, but those who are athletes know the finer points of being able to perform the sport. Being an athlete takes a lot of work, and many athletes may not be up to the task of playing a sport. It’s possible that an athlete will injure themselves, and the injury may cause them so much pain that they can no longer play their sport again. Even if the athlete does choose to continue playing, they may be playing in a lot of pain, and the pain may end up becoming worse.

Consider an injury to the back. If the back is injured, the more the athlete plays with the injured back, the more likely the back is to become even more painful. It’s possible that the athlete may end up with severe back pains, which will then hurt their chances of playing in the future. If the back pain is not addressed, it’s possible that the pain can become chronic, and the pain may not go away without surgery. Many people may need back surgery to correct pain that they are having in their back.

Although lumbar pains are one of the most common back pains out there, some people may not consider the pain to be bad, but if the back pain is chronic, then the pain is already bad. If surgery is needed to heal back pain, then North American Spine can help. North American Spine reviews show that they are responsible for helping over 8,000 of their patients by performing the AccuraScope procedure. The procedure has been successful for over 82% of patients that have visited North American Spine. Over 90% of the patients say they would recommend the AccuraScope procedure to others because of how much it’s helped them. Although pain is not necessarily the fault of the athlete, staying in pain may become their own fault.

No athlete has to stay in pain, especially with so many resources available that can get rid of the pain. The AccuraScope procedure can be performed in less than an hour, and the best part is the fact that the athlete can continue healing at home because this is an outpatient procedure. Not only will the athlete be able to receive a surgical procedure to help their pain.