Why Choose to Visit the Kabbalah Centre

Having a spiritual experience can be difficult if you do not have the right type of venue to go to. This is why a lot of people are choosing to visit local centres that enable them to mingle with people who share the same beliefs. This is definitely an option for you if you have been trying to grow spiritually but are at a loss as to where you should go in order to do this. This is why the Kabbalah Centre is one of the top spiritual centres in the country with thousands upon thousands of members who congregate here each and every day.

The Kabbalah Centre can be found on a variety of social media sites as well as its very own website on the internet. This enables you to learn more about this amazing centre to see if it is the right option for you as it has been for so many other people out there. You will find that this amazing spiritual centre truly changes the way you view your spiritual growth and it can be exactly what you have been looking for in terms of getting the most out of this amazing experience. Be sure to consider visiting this great centre to see if this is something that will interest you as well as the family who will be going with you as well.

There has never been a better time to visit the Kabbalah Centre than right now because they have a variety of different religious types of events and functions that are going on so that you can learn more about the centre without even being a member. There are a lot of different reasons for you to consider this as an option, but one of the most important things to keep in mind is that you will be able to grow spiritually and know that you are around people who share the same beliefs as you do. The Kabbalah Centre is one of the oldest spiritual centres in the country and it continues to be one of the top because of how many members go to it each and every day to learn as much as possible about this experience.

Norka Luque is the Music Sensation Dedicated to Changing the World through Music

Norka Martinez Luque is a household name in major Latino music communities. Her unique and hope based lyrics have largely contributed to her fame. Her parents always encouraged her to use her musical abilities for the good of the people. They believed in her, so they supported her musical ambition in full. They paid for her vocal and musical lessons.

Norka Luque was born in the South American nation of Venezuela. Her city of birth is Caracas. After graduating from high school, Norka moved to France to continue her academic education. She studied Business Administration and graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts as well as Marketing.

Even while in the business school, Norka longed to be a professional singer. To ensure that she didn’t wonder off from her musical ambition, Norka Luque tried her luck with a local band by the name Bad Moon Rising. With this band, Norka toured many cities in France, and she became highly liked by her audience.

Despite her growing fan base in the European music community, Norka Luque decided to relocate to the United States. During a stint in South Beach, Norka Luque ran into the Grammy Award-winning producer, Emilio Estefan Jr. Emilio saw something in her and decided to sign her to a deal.

Even though Estefan is no longer Norka Luque’s manager, she is doing well in the music industry. She recently released a hit single “Tomorrowland.” Most people say that the unique sound and the positive message that Norka Luque’s music convey is what they like most about her work.

In 2012, the Latino Show Magazine did a story about Norka Luque’s life and journey in the music industry. They focused more on her hit single “Milagro.” This song carries a heavy message of hope, intended for those facing difficult situations in their lives. Unlike other pop artists that sing about boyfriend/girlfriend drama, being broke, and hating life, Norka Luque’s songs are inspirational, motivational and full of hope.

She says that it is hard being an encouraging force in this negative world we live in. However, she manages to encourage the public through her work. Norka Luque still has a lot to learn; she has only been in the music business for a few years. But if the past few years mean anything, Norka Luque is heading the right direction.

If you would like to hear more from her, follow her on different media platforms, she is quite active in social media.

More at :http://xrepublic.net/musical-talent-norka-luque/

Hudson and Fabletics

Kate Hudson has made a name for herself as an athleisure wear designer and brand owner of Fabletics. Now the designer actress is partnering with Council of Fashion Designers of America to be its representative and spokesperson for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. Hudson is even bolstering this by releasing a breast cancer awareness special collection from Fabletics. Various groups and industry sponsor breast cancer awareness drives, and it is definitely working. The funding of breast cancer research is producing more and more results all the time and thus more and more breast cancer survivors.

The Fabletics breast cancer line-the proceeds of which will all go toward breast cancer research-will include one pair of capri leggings, a bralette, and two tank tops. The line will heavily utilize pink, which has the signature color of breast cancer awareness. However, it will be a pink with a slightly different tone than the traditional saccharine pink of the movement. It has been described by Fabletics as having “more depth to it.” Hudson definitely knows what she is doing. In fact, she was a large part in making athleisure clothes popular on Facebook.

Her company was the first in an industry that now has many popular athleisure companies throughout the world. Fitness is not a thing with Hudson. She was a very health oriented person long before starting Fabletics at https://twitter.com/fabletics. Hudson says of all their athleisure wear items, leggings are by far their most popular items. The company is even now set to release its first high-waisted leggings. Hudson says she sincerely hopes that people are actually using her products for working out instead of just cool fashion trends. As capable a businesswoman as Hudson is, she didn’t do it all alone.

She partnered with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to officially get Fabletics started on October 1, 2013. The company was completely online-based until 2015 when it started opening up physical stores across the country. Fabletics now has physical stores at such popular shopping establishments as the Mall of America, the Summerlin Shopping Center, SouthPark Mall, and the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Between 75 to 100 more stores are scheduled to be opened up between now and the next three years. With their help, Fabletics this year also started selling dress and swimsuit lines.

Memberships to the Fabletics online customer club is immensely popular because of its many perks. It has a required $49.95 per month charge and new members must take a mandatory service regarding their workout and lifestyle preferences. One of the perks is that the outfits are suggested each month for each member based on his or her selected preferences. Along with JustFab, Fab Kids, and ShoeDazzle, Fabletics is the child company of TechStyle Fashion Group.

Twenty Three Layers, The Go-To Event Planners of NYC

Hiring an event planner can be an extremely nerve-wracking task. There are many things to consider when choosing an event planner, and you should always spend the time to screen each possibility carefully. Learn more: https://www.thebalance.com/steps-to-hiring-an-event-planner-1223747

First, you should determine the objective of your event. Why do you want to hold the event in the first place? Decide the most important objectives: Who, what, when, where and why of your event. Start your search for a planner after those questions can be answered. You will also need to figure out what exactly you need a planner for and what you want from them.

Next, estimate your budget. Based on the type of the event you’re hosting, you can probably create a sense of how much it could cost. A word for the wise: Always allow yourself substantial wiggle room. It’s much better to estimate above your actual cost than to estimate below and be surprised by extra costs.

When looking for an event planner, it is best to do research to find one who is extremely experienced and has a good, strong reputation. Customer reviews are always good, but peer reputation is even more effective. If an event planner is respected among the event planning community, odds are that they are pretty good at what they do.

If you’re looking for fabulous event planners in New York, look no further than Twenty Three Layers. They are an event planning company in New York City that offers full-service event planning and design. They have creative and energetic minds that will surpass any vision you may have. They have an exquisite attention to detail and a demand for perfection for any kind of event.

Working with Twenty Three Layers is worry-free, fun and an experience unrivaled by any other. They join knowledge and inspiration to give clients events that are unforgettable. They use the latest and best in food, décor and entertainment. If you’re looking for a very special celebration, corporate event, wedding or charitable function, Twenty Three Layers is the go-to event planning company of choice.


The Dallas Foundation happens to be the oldest community foundation in the state of Texas and has vast experience in connecting donors with their causes of preference.

It uses its resources to research about the community’s needs and is always, therefore, able to advise the donors accordingly to reach optimum efficiency after the disbursement of donor funds.

This organization has done funds categorization, and this has made sure that the causes one is contributing towards are very clear. These include the donor advised funds, designated funds, the field of interest funds, agency endowment funds, student scholarships and the community impact fund.

The efficiency and reactiveness of this organization has attracted a sizeable number of philanthropists who are very keen on self –directed funding which has more impact in the community.

One of these donors is Dondero, Co-founder, and president of Highland Capital Management who concentrates on giving locally. Having an annual philanthropic budget of $3 million meant that he needed to look for a strategic partner to manage these funds. A search led to the Dallas Foundation and its team of donor experts; since they had a proven track record of collaborating with communities in Texas.

James Dondero together with the CEO & President of the Dallas Foundation had to sit down and devise a working framework that would be impactful to the community leading to the formation of the Highland Dallas Foundation.inc which supports the Dallas Foundation.

Through this, James has continued being an ardent supporter of education and healthcare initiatives in the Dallas Community. James Dandero has also expounded his philanthropy to civic organizations like the Dallas Zoo.

Dondero has set the pace for impactful giving in the co-corporate world. Despite him being a global businessman, he has managed to play his role in assisting the local community of course with the help of resourceful donor planning through the Dallas Foundation.

His insightful story is one that everyone with interest in charity should emulate and draw inspiration. Other foundations should also come up with efficient structures like those of the Dallas Foundation so as to reach optimum funding from all parties.

Hippeas: Crunchy In A Good Way

hippeas bowl livio bisterzo
Hippeas organic chickpeas have become quite popular in the snacks market. The gluten-free snacks are the brainchild of Green Park Brands, which is owned by Livio Bisterzo. After noticing that the market was proliferated by unhealthy snacks, Mr. Bisterzo assembled a team of nutritional experts whose role was to advance a healthy, vegan and fiber-rich snack. This is how Hippeas came into being. Since being introduced to the market, the product has managed to create a niche for itself due to its numerous benefits.

Bisterzo asserts that he always wanted to come up with a product that would be appealing to health conscious consumers. The creation of a tasty snack was also one of his priorities. Hippeas is a healthy product by virtue of it having less than 100 calories per packet. What’s more, it is a good source of proteins and fiber. The introduction of the product to Starbucks’ snack portfolio has further boosted its status. At the moment, two flavors are available in over 7500 Starbucks locations in the US. These are Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar.

Livio Bisterzo in Brief

Bisterzo is one of the most recognizable figures in the corporate world. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Green Park Brands, which produces Hippeas. Mr. Bisterzo honed his entrepreneurial and marketing skills in his native Italy. He put his skills to practice after moving to the United Kingdom during his teenage years. He attended the University of Arts. He set up his first firm, an events company at age 23. Through innovation, the firm managed to create a niche for itself in the restaurant industry. The success that it had similarly thrust Livio into the limelight, besides acting as a foundation to the entrepreneurial success that he has had.

While in the UK, Mr. Bisterzo made other investments in the hospitality sector. He is known for being the brains behind Maddox club, Pollen St. Livio also has diverse interests in the consumer brands industry. His flagship companies are Little Miracles and Kyoku for Men. These are highly successful companies with presence in Europe, Asia and America. Livio has been profiled among the most influential London residents, besides being mentioned in notable global magazines such as Vanity Fair, GQ, The Financial Times, Harpers, and The Times. Since 2015, he has been living in Los Angeles with his family. He decided to move to the US so that he could easily grow his business network.

How Securus Technologies Improve Public Safety and Reduce Recidivism through Technology

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of civil and criminal justice technologies in North America. Its latest accomplishment is the launch of Investigator Pro. This is an intelligence software that was designed by JLG Technologies, a subsidiary of Securus Technologies. The software was launched to improve public safety through early detection of criminal gangs that may be using prison telephones to communicate and organize crimes.


 Investigator Pro is used alongside other features like high-interest group tagging, voice identification, and confidence ratings that will help to synchronize evidence collected on a suspicious caller. Investigators will obtain a suspected voice sample from the inmate communication services and use it to search other similar calls the alleged caller has been making to the facility.


The evidence generated will be used to identify gang-related offenses, illegal activities taking place in the correctional center, and inmates who communicate with the suspect. Investigators will then check if the alleged party has ever been incarcerated.


The new technology marked the success of Securus Technologies in acquiring technology companies that are passionate at designing new software. The firm’s other acquisition is JPay Inc., which offers electronic payments and educational mobile applications.


Such innovations have placed Securus Technologies as the fastest growing correctional technology company in America. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, confirmed that their company was set to design many other computer applications that would make correctional facilities even better equipped to enhance rehabilitation than they are today. He further confirmed that their products are designed with security standards that are suitable for the centers and that they are affordable.


Securus Technologies has served correctional facilities since 1986 when it was founded. Since then, it has been working in more that 2600 jail facilities to provide technology that is suitable for prison staff, inmates’ relatives and friends and the prisoners themselves. Most of their products are aimed to improve public safety and reduce recidivism.

Don Ressler Changing the Apparel Industry

Don Ressler is a great American success story. In just a few years, he took a company from unknown to one of the fastest growing in the world. Over the past couple of years, he has done a great job of growing his company in a variety of ways. He knows what his customers want in their products that they purchase, and this allows him a lot of options when it comes to expanding his business. Don Ressler is someone who wants to take things to the next level in his life and career. If you want to learn how to scale up a business quickly, he is a great resource to have. Ressler knows how to manage the finances of the business in a way that makes sense for the future.

Don Ressler

From an early age, Don Ressler has always been interested in starting a business. Over time, he has done a great job of working with supplies and employees to take the next step in his business. There are a lot of ways that he has been able to grow sales and profits in his company. If you are someone who wants to take things to the next level, Don Ressler is the right person to learn from. Starting and running a successful business on Zimbio is not as easy as you might think. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people drop out of his industry. Over the long term, investing in your business is essential to long term success.

Growing Your Company

There are a lot of things to consider when growing your business. If you want to take things to the next level, it is important that customers see value in what you are providing. There are many people who are invested in companies that do not know how to grow the business onhuffingtonpost.com. As a small company, it is easy to make quick changes that larger companies cannot do. This is one of the advantages that small companies have over larger ones. If you want to take things to the next level, you have to be able to provide things that your competition cannot.

Don Ressler knows what it takes to succeed in his industry. This is one of the biggest reasons why Just Fab has grown so quickly over the years. If you want to learn how to run a business, this is the best way to do so.

Goettl Air Conditioning Receives Great Customer Reviews

Goettl Air Conditioning has been receiving positive reviews on Angie’s List. According to the reviews, the heating and air conditioning services provider boast of highly experienced staff that provides high-quality services to its clients. These services have ensured that its customers enjoy comfortable indoor environment regardless of season or time of the day.
One of the reviews is from a customer in Gilbert, AZ. The homeowner hired the company for major cleaning and servicing of his air conditioner. He was extremely pleased with the results. Goettl Air Conditioning offers a 3-year program to its clients. The program involves the company sending its staff over to the customer’s premises to clean and update their air conditioners. This activity is carried out twice a year.

This customer was enrolled in the three-year program in order to help him save money. That was after he hired the company to solve condensation problems with his equipment. He acknowledged the high skills and knowledge possessed by the Goettl experts. In addition, the professionals were armed with all the tools and equipment needed to solve the condensation problem. This information was originally reported on Angies list as provided in the following link https://www.angieslist.com/companylist/us/az/tempe/goettl-air-conditioning-reviews-9014199.htm
Other companies give you the total costs without any explanation. At Goettl, things are done differently. Before the experts started work on the client’s AC, they list down all the expected charges. This gave the client the chance to determine if he could afford the services. The costs are entirely transparent and reasonable.
Goettl experts are not only well trained, but also completely trustworthy. Before the company hires new staff, they carry out thorough background checks to ensure that only individuals with high integrity are recruited. This means that whenever a customer hires one of the company’s experts, he or she will always be in safe hands.
According to the client’s review, the experts sent to his place were able to correct his AC’s installation and clean it thoroughly. To solve the leaking problem, the experts adjoined a new part at the front of the equipment. The AC is now operating smoothly and the client is enjoying a comfortable indoor environment despite the hot afternoons in Gilbert, AZ.
About Goettl Air Conditioning
Goettl Air Conditioning is an American company that provides the public with commercial and domestic heating and air conditioning services. The company, which has been in existence for over seven decades, provides services such as installation, repair, maintenance and replacement. The company’s services are geared to ensure that residents can enjoy warm winters and cool summers. Its AC services have helped protect many people from suffering heat strokes. This information was originally published on Goettl’s website as provided in the following link http://www.goettl.com


Lovaganza Is Coming, Where Will You Be?

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Lovaganza will be traveling around the world in a sort of caravan come 2017. It will be a convoy of hope, a traveling showcase of bohemian adventure, and downright mind-boggling. One of the prime attractions of Lovaganza is their new IMMERSCOPE 3D technology. For those who aren’t in the know, IMMERSCOPE 3D is a 180-degree theatrical screen which gives film depth and clarity of a three-dimensional variety without requiring any kind of glasses. Lovaganza is an event that will unveil this revolutionary new innovation in entertainment technology; but it’s already been delayed five years. That’s a good thing, though, when one understands why this delay has taken place.

The roots of Lovaganza stretch back at least to 2012, and very likely before. The website, Lovaganza.com, has a copyright watermark that begins in 2012; but this implies there was definitely planning going on beforehand. Websites don’t just evoke themselves from nothing! And neither did Lovaganza.

Lovaganza comes from a vision of unity and the celebration of Earth’s many disparate cultures. Originally, the global event was to take place in 2015, but between the idea which has flowered into Lovaganza and that time, new technology was discovered which changed everything. Planners of the event on Instagram wisely decided to curtail unveiling until said technology could be completely incorporated. The new date for the project is 2020, with the aforementioned preview convoy launching within the year. Between now and then three feature films will be released which each emphasize the core mission of Lovaganza. They will feature themes of a convoy, bohemian adventure, and cultural celebration.

When the event finally hits in 2020, it may change the world. It’s set to take place over the course of four months. It will take place in eight separate locations simultaneously. Places where Lovaganza will be hosted include Africa, Oceania, America, Asia, The Middle East, and Europe. Each location will feature more than just IMMERSCOPE 3D. Certainly, the CINERAMA feel of IMMERSCOPE will be in full evidence, and the films shot expressly for that purpose will naturally be played across the 180-degree screen. But in addition to that, there will be live events, exhibitions of new technology, interactive events, and much more. Think of the 20th century world fair, and CINERAMA combined–but with 21st century sensibilities. That’s a pretty fair image of Lovaganza, though it doesn’t incorporate the coming event’s full scope: never in recorded history has there been such a proposed undertaking. If successful, it may change entertainment as we know it.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://celebmafia.com/marie-ange-casta-the-lovaganza-convoy-part-2-the-prophecy-set-photos-198928/